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Info / FAQ

Pause Menu was founded on the simple idea of making a chill space to grab a drink and play games with friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get to Pause Menu?


Trams are a super convenient way to get to Pause menu there are two trams that stop just by Rose st then it is a short walk to our front door.

Tram 96 Stop 14

Tram 11 Stop 17


There is 2 hour parking on Rose St until 7pm however spaces are limited. 

There is paid parking behind Pause Menu but note the ticketing times. The ticket machine splits parking times before and after 6pm (if you arrive at say 5pm you may have to get two separate tickets). There is also paid parking across the street till 11pm, this car park hosts a market on Saturday mornings. A lot of the surrounding streets are permit only, so it is likely that you will be making use of paid parking.

Is there a fee to play games?

Our packages can be found under the reservations page. There are 3 options based on party size and time. Please leave a note with your booking as to your selection.

How can I find a Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop role playing game/group?

We post most of the games we are hosting under the events on this website and on our Discord.


Is that ^ really a frequently asked question?

Um yeah, we get asked that a lot. I’ve never been to another bar where people talk about D&D / TTRPG’s so much. <3

What game(s) do you recommend?

Come in and check out our custom app to help you pick the best game from our library for your group.

We are always happy to help suggest something and even teach if it’s a game we know and things aren’t too busy at the bar.

Hive is great for two players.

Can you host my event/function?

We're a great venue for smaller gatherings and can comfortably seat up to 30 across a couple of rooms. We host a lot of meetups for groups that enjoy tabletop gaming.
If you want more details email and we can provide our event packages. 

What alt-milks do you have?

Soy, almond, oat, lactose free.

Do we need to book?

We recommend booking on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be sure you can get a table. Other days it can be easier to seat walk-ins. We do appreciate customers who book in advance as this helps us plan things like rostering and orders which improves your experience when in gaming with us.

Accessibility information


Mobility: Our venue is wheelchair accessible for most wheelchairs via the back entrance. This leads into the bar, however the door frames are all 80cms wide. The bathroom is wheelchair accessible.


Seating: Chairs with no arms make up most of our seating. They are 40cm wide. The only exception is our two booths in the main cafe area, which are not fixed to the floor.


Noise: It can get quite loud when we have a full house, particularly on Thursday nights during Blood on the Clocktower. A private room is available if booked in advance ($50 for 3 hours).


Lighting: All areas are bright enough for signed conversations. 

  • Bar: Bright, warm light, not adjustable

  • Back rooms: brighter white light, not adjustable

  • Private TTRPG room: Bright warm light. Somewhat adjustable as there are several lights and you are welcome to try different combinations of lights to create diffused dim lighting to your liking.


Other: We have written menus available at the bar as well as a pen and paper if you need to write your order. Our bathroom is gender neutral.

Are there rules we have to follow while hanging out at Pause Menu?

Yes, we have some Community Guidelines we expect everyone to follow just to assure time with us is chill and fun for everyone.

Pause Menu Community Guidelines.png
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